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Judith Tethong served in Jamaica 1962 and India in 1965 -Podcast #272

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Jun 28 2011

Judith Tethong served as a Youth Club Council in Jamaica when the country gained its independence in 1962. She had revolunteered in India for four years and went onto working with Tibetan peoples focusing on education. She was very effective in training the Tibetan teachers and children due to her many skills and committment to the Tibetan peoples as well as her ability to speak the local language fluently.

This podcast was recorded during CUSO-VSO's 50th Anniversary Kick-off celebrations in Victoria, B.C. CUSO-VSO is proud to honor 15,000 volunteers and 35 million service hours in over 40 countries. The views expressed in these podcasts do not necessarily reflect the views of CUSO-VSO or its supporters. At CUSO-VSO, we believe we are changing the world, one volunteer at a time.