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Mzali Mzali is studying at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 247

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Feb 21 2011

Jambiani Tourism Training Institute is part of our Secure Livelihoods Program in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The partner organization is called Hands Across Borders. CUSO-VSO volunteer Nareena Switlo, is training students at JTTI and Mzali is one of her students.

Mzali is unique among the other JTTI students because he already has a background in the hospitality industry having previously been a hotel receptionist. However, in an effort to improve on his skills, Mzali decided to enroll at JTTI and he is currently in his 2nd year.

He has also saved up some money with the intention of opening his own cafe once he completes his studies at JTTI.

We are sure that with his combination of ambition and intelligence, Mzali is well on his way to running a successful cafe in Zanzibar.

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