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Eva Zaleski returns from assignment in China- Podcast #33

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Jul 03 2009

Eva has a PhD in Geology. She describes herself as a " Hard Rock Doctor". She worked on Canadian shield mapping. She describes some forms of mining as "long term environmental impact for short term gain" Eva is a community activist by nature and has served VSO and now CUSO-VSO for over 2 years. Her assignments have been varied. A perfect case of an inquisitive mind. Her first service was in Guyana doing work with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. This led to work with the Guyanese Diaspora. Imagine the brain drain when half the population of a country have left to live in other parts of the world. 52,000 Guyanese live in Canada mostly in the Toronto area. Diaspora volunteering can reverse the brain drain phenomenon. Photo- Eva in Fugong Province. SW China. Visiting village Doctors along with VSO IV and NV and Managers from our partner ( County HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control office)

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