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Winnipeg, Manitoba Alumni meet in July , 2009- Podcast #36

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Jul 11 2009

Over 700 Manitobans have served with CUSO and VSO now the combined alumni of CUSO-VSO. We met recently at the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation office in Winnipeg. Our Alumni included Kate Moncaster, Jude Carlson, Carol Ann Coish,John Westdal,Shirley Lord, George Harris Geof Rippat, Jill Cooper,Jane Stewart,Dennis Lewycky ,Ashleigh Mitchell,Lambert, Denyse Lambert, Katharine Bergbusch,Kate Moncaster,Carol Ann Coish John Westdal We discussed continued involvement in the organization and a possible event on December 5th for the Day of the International of Volunteer- A Manitoba International Social- stay tuned


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