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Jill Cooper tells us about her work and Geoff work in Bolivia- Podcast #39

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Jul 13 2009

When Jill left Canada with her young family and her husband Geoff Ripat it was Geoff who had the assignment. Geoff was to do a labour market study in Cochabama mines with Kinde Nolte. This NGO works to benefit children and families. Geoff is a social worker. Jill was an accompanying spouse and began settling her family. She then found s position with the Save the Children helping children write to foster parents. She then went on to create a space in a drop in program for Junior high students. This space encouraged creativity and choice in a more rigid school system. Jill is a teacher. Jill also recorded a CD with Analia Abat, Manuel Rocha, Armin Vilica, Karen Arce, Amado Espinoza and Valerie Frege called A Dos lados. I have listen to it Jill and it is fantastic!


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