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Cuso International


Hometown: Vancouver
Location: BC V6Z 1R8 CA

Mauro Joao is leaving to work with a youth employment centre in Peru in 2013

Debo returned in 2012 and served in Burkina Faso in Government Health

Gregory Bruce served in Nigeria from 1982-1984 as a Teacher

Helen Schneiderman was interviewed in Vancouver. She served in Jamaica 2011-2012 in Access to Justice.

Sedigheh Minachi served in Nigeria 2012

Jim Tellenbach served in Fiji 2003-2004 in Secure Livelihoods

Cuso International Alumni meet in Nanaimo to share stories- Botswana and Trindad / Tobago and Vanuatu from the 1960's to 1980's

Cuso International Alumni meet in Nanaimo to share stories- Botswana and Trindad / Tobago and Vanuatu from the 1960's to 1980's

Wayne Robertson speaks at launch of Diaspora Voices stories

Rowena Koh served as a librarian in Namibia for 7 months in 2011

Max Adrien will be travelling to Rwanda in September 2012 to work as an education officer

Jamie Kneen worked on a community training and resource mapping project in Costa Rica from 1995-1997

Toyah Howarth served Namibia 2010-2012

Rowina Koh worked as a librarian in Namibia in 2011

Jamie Du Luce served as a psychotherapist in Tajikistan

Katherine Nicole is going to serve in Rwanda as a Gender Specialist

Pegi Furanna-McIntosh is going to serve in Ghana as a Teacher Support

Peter and Debra Martin Educators in Tanzania 2011-2012

Barbara Curwen is working in Tanzania 2011-2012in the health sector

Margaret Graves is from Halifax working in Agriculture in Tanzania 2011-2012

Bairu Sium is wrorking in education in Tanzania- December 2011

Bairu Sium is working in education in Tanzania for 1 year- December 2011

Theodros Belew Shewarget, Southern Partner from Ethiopia

Shimpei Chihara served in Vietnam 2010-2011 as Organizational Development Advisor for HIV/AIDS

Lorne Lewis served in Botswana from 1972 to 1975, training young mechanics

Carly Bardikoff is in Rwanda as an education capacity builder- Podcast # 308

Kigali Rwanda-PERSONS WITH PSYCHOSOCIAL DISABILITIES - Umeeda reporting Podcast #307

Vasile Klaassen served in Sierra Leone Sept, 2010 to Aug, 2011- Podcast # 306

Paul Grover served in Thailand 1978-1979 Podcast # 305

Kasia Wilk served in Kenya 2010-2011 -Podcast #304

Marian Dodds serving in Ethiopia 2010-2013 -Podcast #303

Ugen Lhazin CUSO-VSO West Intern -Podcast #302

Dara Parker - New Public Engagement Officer CUSO-VSO West -Podcast #300

Wayne Helfrich served in Thailand 1969-1971 -Podcast #299

Bert Groenenberg served in Botswana 1982-1984 -Podcast #298

Lillian and Bruce Mack served in Ghana 1969-1972 -Podcast #297

Don and Darleen Hendry served in Ghana 1969-1971 -Podcast #296

Judy and Pat Hughes applied for a position in Bolivia -Podcast #295

Margaret Turley served in Nigeria from 1981-1982 -Podcast #294

Mary Hunter and Bruce Petch served in Malaysia 1984-1986 and Indonesia 1987-1989 -Podcast #293

Calvin and Evelyn Barker served in Tanzania in 1989 -Podcast #292

Trevor Chandler served in Tanzania 1970-1972 -Podcast #291

Wayne Bennett served in Uganda from 1970-1972 -Podcast #290

Veena Gokhale served in Tanzania from 2005-2007-Podcast #289

Sharon and Ken Schmucker served in Uganda from 1970-1972 -Podcast #288

Roy Fischer served in Nigeria from 1962-1964 and Field Staff Officer in Uganda -Podcast #287

Melvin Perry served in Guyana from 1968-1970 -Podcast #286

John Piper served in Mozambique from 1984-1987-Podcast #285

John and Brenda Armstrong served in Uganda from 1970-1972 -Podcast #284

Hugh Winzor served in Tanzania from 1966-1969 -Podcast #283

Guy Desrosiers a servi au Ghana from 1965-1968 - Podcast #282

George Wright, served in Tanzania from1968-1970 -Podcast #281

George Bell served in Uganda and Botswana from 1971-1972 - Podcast #280

Diane Stamp served in Trinidad and Tobago from 1968-1970 - Podcast #279

David Turback, served in Kenya and Uganda from 1968-1970 - Podcast #278

Andria Spindel served in Kenya from 1968-1969 - Podcast #277

Pierre Lessard served in Niger from 1972-1974 -Podcast #276

Lisa Voormeij served in The Gambia, 2006-2007 - Podcast #275

Gudrun Ley served in Vanuatu 1988-1990- Podcast #274

Jim Guy served in Nigeria in 2010 - Podcast # 273

Judith Tethong served in Jamaica 1962 and India in 1965 -Podcast #272

Anna Du Vent served in Jamaica, 2009-2010- Podcast# 271

Gary Wickett served in India, 1965-1967-Podcast # 270

Tony Pargeter served in Zambia in 1970-1972 -Podcast #269

Bette Shippam served in Vanuatu, 1986-1988 -Podcast# 268

Jean Maloney served Papua New Guinea in 1981 and Ethiopia in 2011. Podcast #267

Umeeda Umedaly Switlo serves as CUSO-VSO Public Engagement Officer West. Podcast #266

Kenneth McKay served in Ghana, 1962 and 2010. Podcast #265

Jamie Kyles served in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Pod cast #264

Katherine Nichol served in Ghana from February 2010 to March 2011. Podcast # 263

Don Archibold served in Papua New Guinea from 1987-1990. Podcast #262

Peter Watt served in Vanuatu from 1982-1984.Part 2. Podcast #261

Peter Watt served in Vanuatu from 1982-1984.Part 1. Podcast #260

Leslie Dyck served in Vanuatu from 2007-2009. Podcast #259

Katherine Nichol served in Ghana from February 2010 to March 2011. Podcast #258

Judy Storr served in the Maldives. 1997-1999. Podcast #257

Kate Gilchrist served in Nigeria. 1980-1982. Podcast #256

John Drover's experience in Timor. 2007-2009. Podcast #253

Norma McKenzie has volunteered with CUSO-VSO three times (Malawi, Guyana, Ethiopia). Podcast #252

Tracey Barker from Vancouver moved to Tanzania with her family for 6 months Podcast #251

Sabine Lehr served in Rwanda 2008 -Podcast #250

Jamie Kyles served in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania- Pod cast #

Anna Lazaro Kanagana is studyingt at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 249

Umu mohammed is a student at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 248

Mzali Mzali is studying at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 247

Carla Morales and David Carr -Return volunteers from Kenya- - podcast # 246

Hassani Borjongwoy- a student at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 245

Ian Smillie- Conflict diamond expert and former executive director of CUSO-VSO- Podcast #244

Hamid Kassim is studying at JTTI in Zanzibar- Podcast #243

Victor Raymond Petro- a student at JTTI, Zanzibar- Podcast #242

Sine Heitmann is a VSO UK volunteer serving in Zanzibar, Tanzania- Podcast # 241

Nareena Switlo is serving in Zanibar Tanznia- 2010-2011- Podcast # 240

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, John Coward, served in Nigeria 1970, Podcast #239

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Duncan Etches, served in Ethiopia, 1967-1969, #238

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Tami Moffat, Brenda Woosnam, and Jennifer Mitton, served in Nigeria 1984-86, Podcast #237

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Linda Pennels, Kathy Cook, Mena de Sousa, served in Papua New Guinea, Podcast #236

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Bill Dales, served in Jamaica, 1967-1969, #235

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Susan Anstine, Served in Ghana 1965-67, Podcast #234

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Ron LeBlanc, Served in Mombasa Kenya, 2001-2003, Podcast #233

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Dave MacRae, Served in Nigeria 1970-73, Podcast #232

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Tony Dawson, applicant, Podcast #231

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Catherine Hembling, Served in Nigeria 1964-67, Podcast #230

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Eva Murray, served in Nigeria, 1978-80, #229

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Noba Anderson, Served in Indonesia 2000-01, Podcast #228

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Sheila and Howard Avery, served in Thailand, 1979-81, #227

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Hugh Barclay, Served in Ghana 1964, Podcast #226

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Barry Whaites, served in Allahabad, India, 1964-1966, #225

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Marlyn Horsdal, Served in Ghana 1964-66, Podcast #224

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Peter Ackhurst, served in Tanzania, 1969-71, #223

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Greg Spendjian, Served in Sierra Leone 1972-73, Nigeria 1973-75 and Papua New Guinea 1977-80, Podcast #222

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Don Archibald, served in Papua New Guinea 1987-1990, #221

Asuweni Hassan- student at Jambiani Tourism Training Institute- Zanzibar Tour of Madrassat Mina- Podcast 300

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Lori Prodan, Served in Ethiopia in 2002-04, Podcast #220

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Sue and Bruce Taylor, served in Sierra Leone 1972-1974, #219

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Susan Evans, Served in Congo 1969-72, Podcast #218

CUSO-VSO 50th, Elizabeth Massiah, served in Limbang Sarawak, East Malaysia, 1970-1972, #217

CUSO-VSO 50th Anniversary, Ken Affolder, Served in Sierra Leone 1967-69, Podcast #216

Anne Marshall, Served in Thailand, 1971-75, Podcast #215

Rod and Carmen Asher, Served in Tanzania 1968-1970, Podcast #214

TuVan Trieu Nov 2006-May2008 Thailand, Podcast #213

Margaret and John Vegt, served in Tanzania in 1972-1974, Podcast #212

Shirley Giggey - part 2 Podcast # 211

Shirley Giggey has served with CUSO-VSO in Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia- Podcast # 210

Susan Gage from Victoria, Served in Nigeria from 1969-71- Podcast #209

Geraldine Parsons from Powell River, served in Papa New Guinea- Podcast #208

Jane Ramin, from Victoria Served in Costa Rica, 1982-1985- Podcast #207

Gary Brooks, served in Zambia from 2000-2003- Podcast # 206

Franc Mes from Alberta served in Tanzania 1969-1972- Podcast #167

Helen Nation from Victoria, Served in Tanzania and Nigeria from 1968-1979- Podcast # 205

Bergen Amren from Vancouver, Served in Papa New Guinea-Podast # 204

Kathleen Lowe, from Victoria, Served in Ghana, 1998-1999- Podcast #203

Robin Halem from Victoria, Served in Nigeria, 1968-1972- Podcast #202

Brandon Peters, stayed in Vanuatu in 2000- Podcast # 201

Phil Bartle from Victoria, Served in Ghana, from 1965-1967- Podcast #190

Richard Hoath, from Gibson British Columbia, Served in Vanuatu 1998-2000- Podcast # 191

Owen Gaskell from Powell River served in Malaysia from 1973-1975- Podcast # 192

Pamela Thompson, from Alberta, served in the Philippines from 2004-2006- Podcast # 194

Doug Piquette from Alberta, Served in Peru from 1996-2001- Podcast # 193

Karin Hurtado, South to South Volunteer, Served in Bolivia from 2001-2204- Podcast #195

Helen Whitson, from Alberta, served in Guinea-Bissau from 2000-2002 - Podcast #196

Juanito Enriquez Jr. at CUSO-VSO Vancouver speaking about CSO-FP - Podcast #197

Linda Gascoyne from Alberta, served in Papua New Guinea, from 1991- 1992 and from 2004-2007 podcast#201

Heidi Tyedmers from Victoria served in Vanuatu 1998-2001- Podcast #198

Barry Gascoyne from Alberta, served in Papua New Guinea PNG 1990-1993- Podcast #199

Wayne Jackson, served in West Africa from 1966 - 1968. Podcast# 200

Nina Jackson Served in Ghana from 1966 - 1968 - Podcast# 169

Ninfa Ares from Alberta Served in Tanzania, from 2001 - 2004 PODCAST # 168

Bob Gainer from Alberta served in Tanzania in 1971-1973 -Podcast #166

Hans-Henning Mundel from Alberta served in India in 1966-1969 -Podcast #165

Elsie Almonte served in Eritrea with another organization 1997-2000- Podcast #157

Donna Cochran served in Nigeria 1975-1977- Podcast # 164

Heidi Tyedmeyers served in Vanuatu 1998-2001- Podcast #155

Sally Thomas served in Bogata, Columbia 1966-1968 and Cartahayna 1969-1970-Podcast #146

Thelma Howard served in Papua New Guinea 1971-1973- Podcast #139

Katharine Bergbusch served in Ghana 1966-1969- Podcast #145

Cecil Cohen served in Nigeria 1981-1942- Podcast #140

Susan Evans served in Zaire 1969-1972- Podcast #160

Linda Browni served in Jamaica 1971-1973- Podcast # 138

Tim Collins served in Vanuatu 2005-2007- Podcast #162

Loise Shelley served in Thailand 1969-1971- Podcast #153

Rosalind Hope served in Namibia 200-2002 with VSO- Podcast # 161

Mary Pyne served in Nicaragua 1990-1992- Podcast #137

Lesley Kretai served in Ghana 2004-2008- Podcast #153

Solly Sader and Pricilla Sader served in Ghana 1973-1976- Podcast #136

Peter Allen served in 1983-1985 in Ghana and Indonesia 2000-2003 -Podcast # 159

Glenora Slimmons served in Barbados from 1974 to 1977- Podcast #152

Geoff Rippat served in Bolivia 2004-2009- Podcast #144

Dr. Phil Bartle served in Ghana 1965-67 -(part 2) Podcast #135

Dr. Phil Bartle served in Ghana 1965-67 Podcast #134

John Lafratta served in Uganda 2006-2007- Podcast # 158

Barbara Kerfoot served in India 1970-1973- Podcast #156

Gordon Thomas Hart served in Bolivia from 1992-1997- Podcast #151

Amanda Furst served with VSO 2007-2009 in Rwanda- Podcast #150

Christa Yeates ( Furst) served with VSO in Guinea Bissau in 200-2003- Podcast # 143

Ron Le Blanc served in Mombasa, Kenya 2001-2003- Podcast #141

Rod McLaren served in Ghana where he now lives- Podcast #140

Rod McLaren served in Ghana in 1971 where he now lives- Podcast #141

Jerry Zoerb served in Cuba 1974-1975- Podcast #136

Pat And Alastair are the Directors of 'Hands Across Borders' in Zanzibar, Tanzania - Podcast #133

Rex Turango served in Nepal from 2008-2010- Podcast #132

Jocelyn Banyard served in Zambia 1991-1994- Podcast #131

Lisa Faye served in Ghana in 2004- Podcast # 130

Mick and Jackie McGarry served in Malawi 2001-2002- Podcast #128

Dr John and Margaret Bishop served in Malawi 2001-2001 Podcast # 127

Keith Germaine & Yvonne Rousseau served in Ghana 1973-1975- Podcast # 126

Wil and Irma Driediger served in India from 1970-1972- Podcast # 125

Mike and Barb Angel served in Guyana 1967-1969: Podcast # 124

Victor Cumming served in Botswana (1980-82) and Vanuatu (1986-88)- Podcast # 123

Ted Bridgewater served in Trinidad from 1971-1973 Podcast # 122

Joyce Upex served in Papua New Guinea 1978-1979- Podcast # 121

Andy Buhler served in Nigeria 1969-1971 Podcast #120

Vincent Croswell & Maureen Thomas served in Papua New Guinea 1979-1981 Podcast # 119

Paul & Chantal Merckx served in Jamaica 1996-1998- Podcast # 118

Brian Pollard served in Malaysia in 1970-1973-Podcast # 117

Joe Bennet served in Laos PDR 2004-2005- Podcast #115

Marcy Caouette served in Zambia and Cameroon up 2010- Podcast #114

Karly Pinch has just returned from Cameroon 2008-2010- Podcast #113 part 2

Sheridan Tockkin a teacher in Abbortsford supports 1GOAL- Podcast #112

Karly Pinch has just returned from Camerron 2008-2010- Podcast #111

Taryn Barker- Burkina Faso 2009 and Marie Chantal Paquette- Bolivia 1997-1999 speak with CUSO-VSO staff- Podcast # 110

Erin Bresnan served in Kenya 2009-2010- Podcast # 109

Crissy George served in Belize 2001-2003 - Podcast #108

Dorothy Li served in Uganda 1996-1998- Podcast #107

Ken Cooper served in Thailand from1971-1976- Podcast # 106

Dr. Alan Hedley supports CUSO-VSO. Hear why- Podcast #105

Jamie Kyles served in Uganda and Tanzania- Podcast #104

Veronica Cooper of CHEK TV interviewed Jamie Kyles and me. I turned around and interviewed her- Podcast # 103

David Mintenko served in the Maldives and Mongolia- Podcast #102

Juanita Tupper served in Uganda 1967-1969- Podcast #101

March 22nd 2010. World Water Day in Vancouver. Patrick Lucas served in Laos- Podcast #100

Paul Stinson served in Thailand 1973-1976 -Podcast # 99

Elizabeth Quong- nee Dunderdale served in Columbia 1968-1969- Podcast #98

Stratford Theatre and Arts Festival send volunteers to Suchitoto- El Salvador- Podcast # 97

Karen Fowlie served in Chile 1999-2000- Podcast #96

Anne- Catherine Bajard 1987-1989 Bolivia- Podcast #95

Rick Kwitoski went to Nigeria 1981-1983- Podcast #94

Dr Ilona Hale served in Malawi- Podcast # 93

Tanis Clarke served in Sierra Leone in 1978 . She also worked with CUSO- Podcast #92

Gil Mervyn served in Guyana in 1969 and worked with CUSO- Podcast # 91

Noulan Bowker went to Thailand in 1971- Podcast #90

Maryam went to Namibia in 2004- Podcast # 89

Roaslinde Schulz- Volunteered in Tanzania and Ghana- Podcast #88

Lisa Whitehouse heads off to Tajikistan- First volunteer from Govt of BC Partnership- Podcast #87

Paul Watts served in the Phillipines- Podcast #86

CUSO-VSO and CUPE. A history dating back to the 1980's- Podcast # 85

Marian White went to Nigeria in 1977. Now works with CUSO-VSO - Podcast # 84

Dan Garvey went to The Gambia in 2009- Podcast #83

Kelly Scarrow has returned from Thailand . She worked with the Karen for 2 years- Podcast #82

Kwehsay talks about his work with the Karen -Podcast #81

Margo Mclaughlin Nigeria 1982-1983 - Podcast # 80

Dr. Cyril Belshaw interview - Podcast #79

Dr. Cyril Belshaw interview - Podcast #78

Pat Philips served in India in 1968 - Podcast #77

Darlene Gage and her husband Jean are back from Uganda - Podcast #76

Bob Sutton is serving in Honduras- Podcast # 75

Greg Spira and Caroline Spira are heading off to Cameroon- Podcast #74

Bob Sutton and Dieudonne Alegmagi talk about model forests vs community - Podcast #73

Nancy tells me about Lewis Perinbam -Podcast # 72

Nancy Garrett served in India 1967-1969- Podcast #71

Where Credit is Due - Podcast #69

Afternoon tea with Michael Clague- Podcast #68

John Conway and Michael Clague in 1960- Podcast #67

Carlos Molina continues to tell me about his amazing life - Podcast #66

Carlos Molina prepares to serve in Lima Peru- Podcast #65

John Conway was a history Professor at UBC and helped found the first volunteers sending organization in 1960- Podcast #64

Rajasvini Bhansali served in Kenya -Podcast # 63

Dawn Surratt in Kenya - Podcast #62

Shirley and George from Winnipeg visit Vancouver and talk with youth about volunteering -Podcast #61

Stephen Owen and Diane Kurner volunteered in 1975 in Africa- Podcast #60

Randy Brinn in Moosejaw. Started with CUSO in 1979 in Nigeria - Podcast #59

Bill Warner- Vanuatu 2003 - Podcast #58

Robert Mc Laren met his wife to be many years ago on assignment - Podcast #58

Kerrie Strathy is the Chair of SCIC and has a long history with CUSO-VSO- Podcast #56

Edith Conacher shares her story from Ghana - Podcast #55

Regina reunion - Podcast #54

Ron Le Blanc in Kenya- Podcast #53

Edith Conacher's daughters Josey and Charmony remember Ghana - Podcast #52

George Harris has a long history with Africa- Podcast #45

Albert Dizan's Project in Cambodia with VSO Bahaginan Part III- Podcast #51

Albert Dizan's Project in Cambodia with VSO Bahaginan Part II- Podcast #50

Albert Dizan's Project in Cambodia with VSO Bahaginan- Podcast #49

Rosamund Van Leeuwen- One of the Early Volunteers with VSO- Podcast #48

John Wilcox Goes to India- Podcast #46

John Wilcox Goes to India Part II- Podcast #47

George Harris has served with CUSO and VSO- Podcast #44

Ron Greening Malaysia 1979-1983- Podcast #45

To Serve and Learn- The Journey of a Pioneer - Podcast #43

Helen Zokowski Talks about the founding 15 plus 1 - Podcast #44

Shirley Lord- Winnipeg- Podcast #42

George continues his story of his projects and partners from Ethiopia to Uganda - Podcast #41

Jill Cooper tells us more about Bolivia- Podcast #40

Jill Cooper tells us about her work and Geoff work in Bolivia- Podcast #39

Maureen and Sam are back from Bolivia- Podcast #38

A family returns from Bolivia- Podcast #37

Winnipeg, Manitoba Alumni meet in July , 2009- Podcast #36

Eva Zaleski tells us more about her work- Podcast #35

Eva tells us about her work in Guyana- Podcast #34

Eva Zaleski returns from assignment in China- Podcast #33

Learn more about our Latin America projects- Podcast #32

Program Director for Latin America and Carribean- Podcast #31

Volunteer Stories from the Field -Podcast #30

More wonderful stories- Podcast #29

Long ago far away but it could have been just yesterday- Volunteers tell their stories- Podcast #28

CUSO-VSO Alumni get together April 28,2009- Podcast #27

Questions and Answers With Umeeda Switlo Podcast #26

Partners in the field Bernard Muchiri and Charles Kahunja speak about their work with Janneke Beemster- Podcast #25

Janneke Beemster continued- Podcast #24

Janneke Beemster- Podcast #23

Janneke Beemster volunteering from Holland- Podcast #22

Ben Njutu- The Executive Director of VSO Jitolee Podcast #21

VSO Jitolee- Boka-Podcast #20

Allan De La Rosa in Kibera- Podcast #19

Nola Marshall helps Acess to Medicine - Podcast #18

Dr Peter Grant and Fiona Grant- Podcast #17

Dr. Sarah Kilby in Uganda -Podcast #16

Abbegail tells me more about VSO-Uganda- Podcast #15

VSO Jitolee- Uganda- Podcast #14

It began as a horticultural farm- Podcast #13

They make fantastic things- Podcast #12

Bombolulu- What do they do there?- Podcast #11

| Michael Duggan - VSO Volunteer at Bombolulu Podcast # 10

Welcome to Kilifi -Podcast #9

Gerosomo Pono from the Phillipines working at Local Ocean Trust | Podcast#8

Gerasmo Pono- A VSO Volunteer from the Philippines- Podcast#7

Solwodi - Podcast #6

Emma Jolley -VSO Volunteer from UK working with Solwodi -Podcast #5

Meeting with VSO Jitolee in Kenya- James Kiplimo- Fundraising and external relations Podcast #4

Nairobi Day 1 Podcast #3

Kenya After 21 Years - Podcast #2

Dance for the World | Vancouver BC | December 2008 | CUSO VSO | Podcast #1