Afternoon tea with Michael Clague- Podcast #68

Michael arrived to meet me with his Professor of History, John Conway, on his bicycle. John too rides a bicycle very often. These two individuals were important in the international development scene that started at UBC in 1960. Keith Spicer was working at the same time at U of T. CUSO officially formed in 1961 at a meeting of Universities at McGill.

Michael reads the letter he and Brian Marson wrote to the then President McKenzie of UBC. He dropped the letter off at President McKenzie's home. He wasn't home and Mrs. McKenzie put the letter of the President's pillow.

His response was to call a meeting and the ball began to roll. 2011 will mark CUSO's 50th anniversay. 12,000 volunteers later, over 25 million volunteer hours, many staff, the support of CIDA and many donors. Thank you all ! These days I meet youth that tell me that their parents served with CUSO and they want to join CUSO-VSO.

What a legacy!

Cyril Belshaw, Lewis Perinbaum and so many more participated. The Vancouver Sun supported their first fund raising efforts.

Michael has gone on to continue to make a difference in the world and recently was awarded the order of Canada. He thanks Professor Conway for inspiring him. It was simply wonderful having tea with them. Thank you gentlemen for all your work.

Read: The Land of Lost Content- A History of CUSO by Ian Smillie for more information


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