Judy Storr served in the Maldives. 1997-1999. Podcast #257

Kate Gilchrist served in Nigeria. 1980-1982. Podcast #256

John Drover's experience in Timor. 2007-2009. Podcast #253

Norma McKenzie has volunteered with CUSO-VSO three times (Malawi, Guyana, Ethiopia). Podcast #252

Tracey Barker from Vancouver moved to Tanzania with her family for 6 months Podcast #251

Sabine Lehr served in Rwanda 2008 -Podcast #250

Jamie Kyles served in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania- Pod cast #

Anna Lazaro Kanagana is studyingt at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 249

Umu mohammed is a student at JTTI, Zanzibar- podcast # 248