Rod and Carmen Asher, Served in Tanzania 1968-1970, Podcast #214

TuVan Trieu Nov 2006-May2008 Thailand, Podcast #213

Margaret and John Vegt, served in Tanzania in 1972-1974, Podcast #212

Shirley Giggey - part 2 Podcast # 211

Shirley Giggey has served with CUSO-VSO in Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia- Podcast # 210

Susan Gage from Victoria, Served in Nigeria from 1969-71- Podcast #209

Geraldine Parsons from Powell River, served in Papa New Guinea- Podcast #208

Jane Ramin, from Victoria Served in Costa Rica, 1982-1985- Podcast #207

Gary Brooks, served in Zambia from 2000-2003- Podcast # 206

Franc Mes from Alberta served in Tanzania 1969-1972- Podcast #167

Helen Nation from Victoria, Served in Tanzania and Nigeria from 1968-1979- Podcast # 205