Karly Pinch has just returned from Camerron 2008-2010- Podcast #111

It was wonderful interviewing a very recent returned volunteer, Karly Pinch, from Vancouver. She began her voyage as a youth intern in Kaile north of Bimenda working on HIV/AIDS community mobilization. People living with HIV/AIDS and women's rights.

After her internship she asked for another placement. She worked this time on organizational development in helping assess new partners for CUSO-VSO.The assessment includes all aspects of the organization including where they are strong and where they need to improve. This analysis is critical in supporting on the ground NGO's and help CUSO-VSO chose effective partners in countries like Cameroon.

She learned patience.... let things happen.

Welcome home Karly!

Karly will now help CUSO-VSO in our December 4th and 5th reunion at UBC. Thanks!

Volunteer for a better world! Join CUSO-VSO, share skills and volunteer in 43 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Volunteers, donate, share skills.


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