Ken Cooper served in Thailand from1971-1976- Podcast # 106

Noulan Bowker told me about Ken Cooper and where to find him. Ken came from Red Deer Alberta to the University of Alberta- Edmonton. He studied Engineering and after graduation as a Mechanical engineer served with CUSO at King MancootTechnical college.

He feels strongly that our volunteers come back enriched. Ken's life changed on assignment. He married Akkaporn ( Noy) and had two lovely girls Athina and Angela. I met Angela and her fiancee both graduating from linguistics from SFU.

Ken taught a machine design course. Alternate energy machines were the rage then, solar, windmills etc. and wrote a Machine design text.Most machines in Thailand were being manufactured with wood at that time.

When Ken came back from assignment he joined a firm called Solar Application Research that worked on energy conservation.

It was difficult for Ken and his family to adapt after 5 years away.

"North America had changed whilst I was away" Hear this wonderful family interview.

Thanks Noy for a lovely dinner. Thanks Ken for your service with CUSO-VSO

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