Rick Kwitoski went to Nigeria 1981-1983- Podcast #94

Rick lives in Sorrento, British Columbia. I reached him during International Development week for this interview on Skype.

This was the first time I did an interview that we recorded on skype so please excuse me if it sounds a bit rough.

When Rick came to see me in our Vancouver office we realized that we had studied together at the University of Victoria- marine Biology and were friends then. It was great to reconnect.

Rick went to Nigeria to teach high school biology in a small town of about 15,000 people. 80 other CUSO volunteers left Canada for Nigeria at the same time as Rick. He remembers Stella from Halifax who he is still in touch with. Steve and Maureen Gato, Kim Mock and many more.

Rick continued to teach when he returned to Canada and now works with computers.

Photo- Rick on a motorbike. CUSO RV's always tell me about their bikes.

Thanks Rick for your enthusiasm and wonderful interview.

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