Noulan Bowker went to Thailand in 1971- Podcast #90


My sister was staying at a fabulous Bed and Breakfast in Deep Cove called Lockehaven and told me that the owners name was Noulan Bowker and that he served with CUSO. She said that he remembered those years as some of the best of his life. I had to meet him and finally did.

A young engineering graduate served with CUSO in 1971. He had adventured in the high north and so it wasn't a surprise for his family when he took an assignment. He was sure he wanted to go to Thailand.

His assignment was in a place close to Bangkok at a technical college. He told me about how this assignment changed his world and he hoped that he had made a deference.

I think he did. His idea of fixing equipment at the college may have taught his students to take matters in their own hands and make things work.

It was a pleasure hearing his enthusiasm about his 2 year assignment. Thanks for meeting me during International Development week.

Thanks Noulan


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